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For the first time in Ethiopia, Aspire Utopia solutions brought you a pilot trainee entrance exam preparation kit based on Ethiopian airlines requirements! #

Additional abstract and spatial reasoning questions are added please don’t forget to check them out!!

what are we providing?

Solved Ethiopian Airlines entrance exam

For the first time in Ethiopia we have managed to provide solved written exam questions from previous batches given by Ethiopian Airlines aviation academy!!

Group discussion assessment

you might heard a lot of stories about how the group discussion assessments is conducted but you never heard it first hand, we brought you real audio of a group discussion being conducted in the aviation academy.


what kind of traits is Ethiopian look for when selecting trainee pilots?
you can now listen it first hand!!!
we brought you a real interview session being conducted at the academy, augmented by subtitles when the audio is not clear.

Online color blind test

One of the most undiagnosed issues in the medical check-up is color blindness, the condition doesn't have any symptom that disrupts daily life activates but a color blind person can not join the aviation academy. we provided you with an online test that saves you from the hustle and rule out the condition.

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